Out now!

My published works

You can currently find two published samples of my writing. Both anthologies featuring my short stories are full of wonderful stories, and both are worth a look!

Unlocking the Magic (2019), edited by Vivian Caethe, is a SF/F anthology which seeks to deal with the portrayal of mental illness in SF/F settings, and my short story, Core Friends, portrays psychotic depression.

Stories of Hope (2020), an initiative from the Australian Speculative Fiction Group but spearheaded by Alanah Andrews, is another great collection of stories. Featuring over 70 stories by Australian Spec Fic authors, all proceeds go towards relief for the Australian bushfires, which devastated our land and wildlife, hurts that’ll take years to heal. My story, Wings, might start off a bit dark, but it’s a cute little story that’ll make you feel the Feels!

I feels strongly about both of these projects, and hope that they do some good in this wild world of ours.

My current projects are a YA high fantasy novel and a MG high fantasy novel, both set in the same world. I have many, many more stories in various phases of completion. Stay tuned for updates!