Artwork by S.F. Flanigan

I use oil paint, water colour, and my focus in 2020 is improving my digital artwork. While I don’t take paid commissions (yet. Maybe in 2021?), I’m always looking for a new challenge, so if you have an idea for me, please ask through the contact form.

Painting of a gelfling doll (round green face, bright purple eyes, silver hair), in calm despair

Dark Deet (2020)

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance fan art. Oilpaint on canvas with digital alterations.

Lithariel (2020)

Digital. Fan art of Lithariel, from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Digital painting of Loki from the MCU: bright green eyes, snow or ash falling on him

Loki (2020)

Digital painting of Loki from the MCU (played by Tom Hiddleston).
Painted as part of the 1 Week Portrait Challenge, by Paintable.

Golden (2021)

Digital. First painting of 2021 for the #ArtYear challenge. An Alurian princess from the world of one of my WIPs

Painting of a girl reading a book in a cafe outdoors. The book, and her coffee, are both nearly finished. Soft lighting, soft colours.

Cafe Girl (2021)

Digital. Painting based on the #ArtYear prompt, “Finish”. Study.

A slave girl stands before a shining army, sword and panther-decorated shield in hand. Dark clouds roil overhead.

Saviour (2021)

Digital. #ArtYear prompt "Saviour".

Stories of Hope (2020)

Oilpaint and digital

Tranquil (2020)


Private investigator Scond has a magnifying glass and a red vest and cap, a utility belt, and brown jacket. Flotsan wears a plain grey belted tunic. They stand inside a black and grey/blue circus tent.

Scond & Flotsan (2020): Welcome to the Canicus

Digital art commissioned by a friend for the release of their latest book, "Welcome to the Carnicus". Find out more at

Watercolour effect for autumnal colours. Olivera has big bushy red hair and is talking to a lizard on a rock.

Olivera (2020)

Digital art commissioned by a friend for their next picture book. Follow her blog

Sugar glider on a branch with eucalyptus leaves around

Sugar Glider (2019)

Oilpaint on Canvas

Toward the Horizon (2018)

Oilpaint on canvas

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