What is #7DayTale?

It’s a monthly prompt game run on Twitter! The goal is to create a story in 7 Tweets, tweeted across 7 days. The game starts the first Monday of each month, and finishes the following Sunday. The theme will be announced the week prior. As well as the theme, there are optional words you can try to work in throughout your story.

Make sure you tweet your story using the hashtag #7DayTale! It’s also good if you can create a thread of your story (ie. add each instalment as a “comment” on your previous one), so that people can easily read the whole story at the end!

Your story can be a new piece of flash fiction, a poem, or an excerpt from a work in progress, either old or new! All genres welcome.

Please keep stories respectful. Remember that compassion and empathy are at the heart of good storytelling.

This game is about writing and finding inspiration together. Ian and I are looking forward to reading your stories!

2021 schedule:

January 11th                                                   July 5th

February 1st                                                    August 2nd

March 1st                                                         September 6th

April 5th                                                           October 4th

May 3rd                                                             November 8th

June 7th                                                             December 6th


Contact Ian or myself, here or on Twitter, if you have any questions!

FAQS (jk, nobody asked, this is additional information just in case you’re wondering)

  • Q: Can I play the game on other platforms?

Absolutely! Just let one of us know so we can support you there. Also keep Twitter’s character limits in mind.

  • Q: Something something about rights?

All rights to your stories are yours. But be aware that by posting things into a public space, others might be inspired by your ideas.

  • Q: How creative can I get with interpreting the prompts?

We really do not mind, have fun!

  • Q: What if I want to use a word, but conjugate it or spell it differently?

Go for it, please. Ie. Colour -> color, colours, colouring, coloured. They’re all good! It’s great that you’re using the words! If you interpreted colour as cooler though that would be interesting and different, you can try if you’d like.

  • Q: Can I post any time of the day? What about timezones? What if I miss a day?

We are very relaxed. Tweet on the day in your timezone, catch up if you fall behind, don’t get put off if your timezone is a day ahead or behind.


Thanks for reading. Have a great 2021, and we’re looking forward to writing and creating with you!

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